Free Event: Breath Works!

Monday, April 16, 2018
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Roha: Center for the Healing Arts


When you feel frazzled, tense and stressed, check your breath. If you can’t get past being tired yet wired, or feel like you’re struggling with “fuzzy brain,” better breathing can be vital. Come to this community event and learn to connect your breath with your mind, mood and energy.


Track breath patterns, become more intimate with your own breath, and learn about breathing better. Benefit from tips on how Yoga, mindfulness meditation, and Ayurveda view breathing practices, and the basic science of breath. Research shows our health— the state of our nervous system, heart and blood, ability to be strong and active for example— are related to how we breathe. Yoga and Ayurvedic wisdom remind us to balance the nourishment of subtle energy (ojas) with breath (life force, prana).


You’ll leave with new breath skills that are very do-able in daily life and yet have potent clarifying effects. See how to cultivate relaxed alertness, relieve tension, and balance your energy.

If you’re curious about the Five Rivers Yoga Breathing for Clarity + Energy workshop series that starts April 28th, this free event with Rachel at Roha offers a great way to scout it out!

Hosted by Roha: Center for the Healing Arts
Free (donations welcome)

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