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Breath Works!

With breath practice in community, we learn to invite clarity + ease + balance.  

Aging Well with Meditation

New friendships are possible at any age. May we meet each other with mindfulness, enthusiasm, courage, and love! I took this selfie with two of the gorgeous, nonagenarian members of my weekly meditation group. The very next day, I led yoga for a group of 60+ women who inspire me with their enthusiasm, courage, and love. Aging in community is powerful.

Steady As You Go: Falling is NOT a normal part of aging

Many older adults fear falling or have suffered past falls. Falling is not a normal part of aging— yoga and mindfulness can help. I found this one-pager from the Vestibular Disorders Association, which mentions yoga for balance and falls prevention,  to share with you. (Vestibular refers to the inner ear’s balance system!) Aging Well with Yoga Supports mental clarity, mindfulness, paying attention Builds body awareness Increases strength and stability, as well as mobility, for…

2016 Therapeutic Yoga Classes Open Now

Taking a 7-week series of therapeutic yoga classes is a great way to start or return to practices of breathing, movement, and awareness that can support your health and increase your ability to live well. UCSF’s Osher Center has posted online the list of my therapeutic yoga class series for 2016: Low Back Care; Upper Back Care; Yoga for Healthy Digestion; and Aging Well with Yoga. Visit the Osher Center’s site here for more…

New Five Rivers Yoga Therapy Office!

  Announcing the opening of the Five Rivers Yoga Therapy Office in Noe Valley, San Francisco!  


“In the end, forgiveness is a release that is done for your own sake.” (G. Biegel) “Forgiveness is a skill, a way of preserving clarity, sanity and generosity in an individual life, a beautiful way of shaping the mind to a future we want for ourselves.” (D. Whyte)  

Yoga: The Art of Transformation

If you click the link below, you can watch the video of The Modern Science of Yoga presentation at the SF Asian Art Museum on April 12, 2014. The yoga practices I led for this presentation are at 33:22 min and 53:20 min (each about 5 min long). Enjoy! The Modern Science of Yoga, April 12 2014

Stretch & Rest

From 2010-12, I taught restorative yoga with the PRYSMS research study (Practicing Restorative Yoga or Stretching for the Metabolic Syndrome), and now the main findings of that study have been published in the Journal of Diabetes and Its Complications (Kanaya, A.M., et al., Restorative yoga and metabolic risk factors.) The study goal was to test whether Restorative Yoga or Stretching would improve metabolic factors related to type 2 diabetes. Several…


I’m waking up with songs in my head, rollicking music like “Let’s Go Fly A Kite” (from Mary Poppins) and the gutsy “Defying Gravity” (from Wicked, though my version is from Glee) among others. Too late to go back to sleep… let’s all go fly a kite! Why ear worm show tunes in the early hours? It’s all because I sat down at the piano for the first time in…

My Other Mind Is…

Strolling home today I noticed a bumper sticker: My Other Car is a Pair of Boots. I’m fond of odd bumper stickers on neighbors’ cars, especially this one: Dog is My Co-Pilot. But today, the phrase “a pair of boots” just didn’t work for me. It’s too general and yet too picky. Why “a pair,” and not just “My Other Car is Boots.” Or, how about telling us what kind…

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