Yoga at work

I recently started a new part-time job. Actually, if I add up my various yoga teaching commitments, this is job number… five. Yes, that’s the new economy and the realities of yoga teaching for ya! But at this job, I’m not teaching yoga; I’m working part-time in a local health clinic. It’s an organization I believe it, and it’s an office job….

On good days, I think this job is challenging my teaching and giving it new depth.

My practice is challenged: I get up, put on work clothes, and go to an office all day long. This means getting up even earlier to do a formal practice, or editing it considerably. And it’s a gauge of how I do with informal or continuous practice, when there isn’t a bigger chunk of time available. Practice is the foundation of my teaching, and my body is a medium of my practice. Everything is shifting as I readjust, and expand.

My teaching is deepening: I feel in my body the experience of most of my students (and me, for most of my work life before this!). Most have regular jobs, where we wear shoes and and sit at desks and look at computers all day long. Not to mention the culture of eating at desks…. Don’t get me started. As a yoga teacher I have the amazing privilege of working barefoot and moving my body and paying attention to wellness as part of my work. Now I’m feeling the effects of the norm in my body, and I am teaching myself how to work with it and how to teach from there too.

Last week I did legs up the wall in the conference room. We’ll see how it goes… yoga at work.

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