Who made this pelvis?

Who made this pelvis? YOU did!

Here’s an insight from today’s Embodied Anatomy training session focused on the pelvis, transmitted directly from Bonnie, which she gave almost off-hand, and which totally blew my hair back:

We grew (and grow) our own bones. We “know” how to do that!

I know! Give it a moment….
And then maybe another moment…..

I took from this that, in addition to the living-ness of our bones in this moment, there is a cellular memory of bone-shaping within us, from our own embryological, fetal, infant, childhood development of how our bodies took shape.

We grew! Even if it wasn’t in an active sense of “doing” something, we were THERE! We not only witnessed it, which we may not remember in a conscious way; we actually experienced it!

Our pelvis, suspended at the center, grew and took shape. We grew ourselves. We GROW ourselves.

सो ऽहम्

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  1. Carol says:

    It's amazing how much we/our bodies do all the time without intervention. Makes me realize that sometimes it's best to get out of my own way and let it happen. Xo

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