Want it. Don’t want it.

Who doesn’t want more yummy and less yucky?

My 2+ year-old niece knows this one: “Apple sauce! Apple sauce!” greeted with a big smile…  until it’s time for the broccoli: “Don’t want it. Don’t want it. Don’t want it !” with increasing volume, resistance, and distress.

It’s great that she makes it so clear. She’s out loud with what my mind does constantly: want-it-don’t-want-it. Want it. Don’t want it. Pulling toward and pushing away.

Adults may have (slightly) more impulse control, but we also have the means to do a whole lot of damage with our grasping and aversion. This week, I’m praising mindfulness practices for upping the capacity to pause, before reacting.

That moment contains the (apple and broccoli) seeds of liberation.

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