Thinking refuge

I’m sitting on the cushion, watching the thoughts. Watching the thoughts. Even so, I’m captivated. An idea catches me up into its undertow, and before I know it I’m far from land.

Sometimes the thought is more obvious, such as the sudden conviction… even though the chime hasn’t sounded yet… it’s time to end the sit and go do something else. Stay here. Sometimes it’s sly, quietly sneaking in from the side when I’m looking for it in the other direction. Stay here. And other times, it arrives as a brilliantly compelling idea, so vivid that it calls for all of my attention. Stay here, still.

Gil Fronsdal, from The Issue At Hand: Strong bouts of thinking are fueled largely by identification and preoccupation with thoughts. By clearly observing our thinking, we step outside the field of identification. Thinking will usually then soften to a calm and unobtrusive stream.

I’m astonished by how quickly a thought can become an idea can become an impulse can become an action. We click on the link because it’s there. Or we don’t… also because of a thought, or a reaction to a thought.

The meditation cushion is like a roller coaster seat, and I’m thankful for the restraining safety bar of intention and attention that keeps me here for the thinking ride.

   How is it when you sit beside the stream of thoughts?

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