Team Yoga

Coverage of the SF Giants 2010 World Series Parade today. One of the announcers says, of the SF fan base, “these fans really embody the team.”

I’m pretty sure he was talking about the sea of panda hats, costume beards and orange “torture” t-shirts, but this description struck me. I’ve got an ear out for embodiment, because that’s my job.

For Giants fans, this can mean wearing the lucky shirt, waving rally rags, going to the games, cheering yourself hoarse…. Fill in the blank with the ways that you involve your identity and body in the struggles and triumphs of the home team.

So what does it mean to embody yoga? Is this redundant? If we’re fans of yoga, how do we live it? It’s not the yoga clothes, or even being able to do particular poses — tho we sometimes forget that. How do you embody yoga?

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