Special Delivery

I want to start this blog with a special shout out to Saigon yogis!

One of my readers, a yoga teacher in Saigon, emailed me this morning to say: “2 days ago i quoted you in class, i quoted the heading to the penultimate entry the one about how the extent to which we have compassion and acceptance for all parts of ourselves reflects the extent of our kindness to others. your name is being spread in saigon!”

Wow, the power of blogging to travel across the world! What a cool way to start the day. Whatever bits of insight I offer come through me from all my teachers, and my teachers’ teachers; it’s moving to know it continues out in overlapping and widening circles.

Today, in addition to this exciting message, I received two other deliveries:

A huge box, covered with $189.05 in Australian postage, arrived on my doorstep this very afternoon. I’m now the proud co-owner of a beautiful backbender. I’m sharing custody of this yoga furniture with my dear friend Britt (also a yoga teacher and birth doula). We live just a few blocks apart, so every other week the backbender will travel through the streets of Bernal Heights.

It looks something like an over-sized, wooden dinosaur model kit. Within about 20 minutes of the mail carrier dropping it off (with some relief) at my front door, my ribs were spread over its ribs, and I was blissing out in a supported backbend….

And lastly, the third special delivery of the day — what could possibly follow international acclaim and a freer spine — yes, food! Not just any food, but homemade knishes from my friend Bonnie. In fact, they arrived unexpectedly at the front door just in time for dinner. Yum.

<– Need I say more?

A day full of the support of friends and special deliveries.
Doesn’t get much better than this.

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