Sometimes yoga is just a walk around the hill…

Tonight, going to yoga class wasn’t quite what I needed. So, instead, I headed out my front door for a walk. And ran into one of my favorite neighbors! We took a long walk and talk together around the hill, and by the time we got back, my body felt strong, my breath flowed evenly, and my spirits had lifted. Just as with yoga asana! And there’s nothing like following a good walk with homemade soup and bread, which is what I made for dinner. Yum!

This week I taught three yoga sessions: one small group class and two privates. There are two things I noticed. First, now that I’ve started introducing restorative poses, everyone just wants to lie down all the time! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but students are clamoring to just lie around and get relaxed… hmm. The other thing, I introduced a chant from the Yoga Sutras in all my classes: Yoga citta vritti nirodha (I.2), or, Yoga is the cessation of the turning of thought (trans. Barbara Stoler Miller). This is taught to be the central definition of yoga, a stillness which I experience glimpses of in meditation and really absorbed asana. In the Yoga Loft training last Saturday, we chanted this together, and it’s been with me all week, both in teaching and as a silent inward chant. Yoga citta vritti nirodha. Yoga citta vritti nirodha.

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