Silence, Animals, Earth and Faith

My newest favorite podcast is Speaking of Faith. This is probably one of those media events that everyone else has known about forever, and better that I found it late than never. (Kind of like blogging.) I’ve been listening voraciously to Krista Tippett’s interviews with John O’Donohue, Matthieu Ricard, Parker Palmer, and others.
One of the most wonderful shows I’ve heard yet is “Whale Songs and Elephant Loves,” with Katy Payne, known for research and insights into elephant and whale sounds. She is an “acoustic biologist.” Doesn’t that sound like an amazing job description? I just ordered her book from the library: Silent Thunder: In the Presence of Elephants.
During the interview, Katy Payne says:
I find that meditation… just being silent is a most wonderful way to open up to what is really there. I see my responsibility, if I have one, as being to listen. My church is outdoors, mostly…. What’s sacred to me is this planet we live on. It’s been here for more than four billion years. Life has been on it only for three billion years. Life as we know it, you know, for a very short time. It’s the only planet where life has been found. And that, to me, is ultimately what I consider sacred.

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