Set in Our Ways

Just now, as I clicked on the ‘Posts’ section of my admin page, I looked at the list of past blog posts and saw the most recent one was written three months ago! How did that happen? For several years, I’ve posted weekly.

For the last few… um, twelve, weeks, I’ve given myself a pass. At first it was the “I’m writing a novel” thing. Which is a pretty good excuse. Then there were a few weeks of not feeling like it. And then came the rationalization (“…we all spend too much time online anyway…”). And then it started to become a habit to not write the post. Yes, the reminder pops up in my calendar every week. I click it and ignore it.

Here I am writing a post, which signals that I plan to get back to it. What’s changed? We’ll see. Last night I started revisions on the draft of the novel I wrote in November, and that means it’s time to get back to blogging. Plus, at the end of one of my classes last week a student exclaimed, “We all just so set in our ways!” She’s right. I’ve never been much of a procrastinator, but I am fairly set in my ways. Luckily, yoga helps with this.

Our habits of body, mind, and being are illuminated in yoga practice. Yoga is a mirror showing up all the ways we didn’t even know that we’ve been set in our ways. The way we stand. The way we sit. What we do. What we don’t do. Our ideas about ourselves. How we tend to feel when we wake up in the morning. How we breathe. What we believe about how things are.

Some habits are beneficial; others are harmful. Some thoughts are beneficial; others are harmful. What helps us distinguish among them? Disciplined practice; self-study, reflection, and contemplation; and surrender. I didn’t make this up.

Here are a few questions for your reflection and experimentation:

How are you set in your ways?
Who or what helps you to see yourself clearly?
What happens when you intentionally change your habits?


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