Scorpion Pose

A huge omission, the key element that I left out of my last couple posts:
The importance of being willing to ask for help.

All those mighty back bends I wrote about? My victorious blog post jumps right past a crucial moment, toward the end of class, when we were kicking up into a preparation for Vrschikasana. (Scorpion Pose. You know how I often link to Yoga Journal for photos and how-to’s? This pose they don’t even show! Yikes!)

I stalled, my fear growing to fill the immense, inverted distance which my feet and legs somehow needed to travel quickly and quietly and without that testy left elbow skidding out to bring me crashing onto my head. Everything in me got very heavy, and I felt a sense of defeat. Then, suddenly…!

Me: “Would you be willing to help me get into this pose?”
Teacher: (teasing) “In a level 4-5 class?”

And then he graciously and gently helped me go up. That time, and the next couple of times too.

The hero’s journey must be traveled alone but not without help along the way. Lifting through self-doubt requires a shift in perspective — sometimes back-bending-balancing-upside-down helps, if that’s an option. On or off the mat, a leg-up from a mentor or friend can make all the difference. 

My gratitude for being in it together. And to all the teachers who continue to inspire me daily.

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