Remembering & restoring

Yoga is a technology for arriving in this present moment. It is a means of waking up from our spiritual amnesia, so that we can remember all that we already know. It is a way of remembering our true nature, which is essentially joyful and peaceful.

I came across this quote from teacher Donna Farhi in some reading I’m doing for TT ’08, and it echoed for me advice from a dharma talk at Spirit Rock this past year. Jack Kornfield was sharing advice about teaching, and he told us,

Tell your students that they already know; yoga is returning to what they know.

This afternoon I taught my first public in-studio restorative yoga class! Five students came, and we spent most of the time, as the Spanish proverb says, lying around “doing nothing, and then resting afterwards.” As always, I was over-prepared with too many themes and lots I intended to talk about, and then remembered and sank easily into the restful silence of a restorative practice. Namaste.

And what is it that we already know, that we return to through yoga? For me, the peaceful, deep knowing that we can awaken to awareness at any moment, regardless of conditions, and with that we are a part of everything, one with everything.

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