Reigniting my blogging practice

Here I am, again!

Now summer ’09, it’s nine months or so since I started the blog. Nine months’ gestation, as I immersed myself in training and starting to teach. I finished the Yoga Loft’s 200-hour RYT teacher training, and now regularly assist Tony Briggs’ weekly class. I completed the Mindful Yoga and Meditation Training program at Spirit Rock. I’m teaching my own Hatha and Restorative classes at The Yoga Loft and KiKi Yo and (breaking news!) The Mindful Body.

Yes, there’s been a lot of Doing this past year.

What inspired me to revisit the blog this week is that I’m one of several assistants for Judith H. Lasater’s Relax & Renew (TM) Teacher Training — the very one that filled my posts last year! My intention is to use this space for some reflections on practice, teaching, and assisting, which I really love as a way to both learn and teach.

But, for now, here’s a photo of me — more in the Being mode — vacationing a couple weeks ago, on Vancouver Island…

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