Recipe to Grow Yoga

I remember learning the Spanish idiom: Se me fue el avión. Meaning: I lost my train of thought. I spaced out. Literally: “The plane left without me.” I imagine the thoughts zooming up and away, abandoning the body on the tarmac.

What happens when we lead with our heads, and our body is dragged behind, underfed, neglected, caffeinated, squished, or just ignored? Where does the mind go when we’re carried away by thinking, imagining, plotting, computing, or consuming?

Lately I’ve been considering that my work is about offering forms of nourishment that entice people toward embodied experience. This way! A little to the left! Okay, now bring it on down. Notice the signpost of the breath along the way, which urges: Feel. This breath. This body.

The sustenance may be in the form of movement. It could be stillness. I saw an ad recently with the tagline, “Meditation is food for the soul.” Yeah!

The savory ingredients of self-care are meant to be shared, for us to teach ourselves and each other how to re-member and nurture body and embodied spirit. To find the way back inside, to what’s happening right now. As John O’Donohue wrote, the body is our “clay home” and our only true home on this earth.

I’m encouraged by the words of Halé Sofia Schatz, too, who advises, “Our spirits don’t exist free from our bodies, at least not while we’re alive on this earth. Our spirits require a home, and that home is the physical body. Your body is nothing short of the holy dwelling place for your spirit. One way to grow our spirit is by fully, lovingly, and reverentially nourishing our bodies,” (from If The Buddha Came to Dinner).

What is it that brings you home, to the holy dwelling place of your body? What nourishes the home of your spirit? (And would you be willing to share that recipe?)


  1. Sage Cohen says:

    Poetry is what hinges my body to soul. It illuminates the holy in the everyday and unifies light and shadow. It teaches me how to inhabit myself, live alongside the incomprehensible, and be with what is.

  2. Rachel says:

    Thank you for this lovely comment, Sage.

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