Receive the Moment

Meditation is: receiving… the moment.
… and then what happens?

I heard these words from Patricia Sullivan, in this morning’s yoga class.

On the way to Patricia’s class, I was listening to a dharma teleconference, with discussion about how each moment may be composed of a million moments.

That’s one of those crazy brain twisters that I used to think about as a kid – okay, honestly, it revisits me pretty frequently even now, in studying and teaching mindfulness practice. A “moment” in time is not constant in length or content. Is the moment I notice the same as the blue you see?

And then, the third thing: Today’s tweet, from Judith H. Lasater: Time is the most mysterious beast. Somedays there is too much, other days not enough. Somedays it is too full, others too empty. All the more reason to be present with our lives right here, right now, without fear.

Three teachers; three ways of finding time and presence. Yes, in this moment.

With more awareness, we may discover that small gaps in our daily round can be places of silence. These are the found times or rather the moments in which we ourselves are found. (Gunilla Norris)

It only takes a moment to find and receive ourselves with presence, now.


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