Reality Check!

I’ve had two yoga teaching and practice events in the last 24 hours that gave me good reality checks, following up on last week’s training….

First one: Teaching the “ankle foot” and the “heel foot” last night to one of my students. You know, teaching something is one of the best ways to figure out how much you actually understand about it. When my student asked, “Why does this matter?” Well… I said… let’s do some asana and figure it out! Actually, it went okay! We played with the focus and initiation of movement from different parts of the foot in Adho Mukha Svanasana and various lunges. But it was such a good reminder that it takes awhile to truly integrate new information well enough not only to practice it but offer it to others!

Second one: Practicing Urdhva Danurasana in class tonight at The Loft. It’s illuminating to pause in any habitual or regular practice for a week, or more, and then return to it. After a week of rearranging my bone awareness in BMC, my scapulae seemed to work totally differently in this pose. In fact, the left shoulder and humerus didn’t really want to work in the usual way at all. A weakness that I must have been just muscling my way through before, for months if not longer, made itself known! I had to back way up and work into it slowly, differently. I liked it, actually.

Capitate, hamate, triquetrium…. One of my students, who is a hand surgeon, emailed me today to say, ” Did u learn the pneumonic for remembering the order of the carpal bones? It’s kinda dirty…” Does anyone out there remember this?

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