Quit It

There’s something I’ve been having a very hard time letting go of. Actually, it’s not the thing itself. It’s the compelling thoughts about the thing. How great it could be. How terrible it could be. And what if I’m terribly, terribly wrong about this and everything…. You know how it goes. Around and around, back and forth.

A friend is helping me out with all this thinking. She told me a story about a time she was stuck like this. She was going on about it, and a friend looked at her and said something like, “Well then, quit it.” Abrupt, very direct. Not unkind, simply clear.

For a week now, she’s been sending me texts: Quit it. Today I got a card in the mail from her. I started laughing before I even opened the envelope. Yup, the only thing it said: Quit it!!!

Now that mental reruns and mindful inquiry have taken me as far as I can go, I figure just quitting it is worth a try. Each time I remember to quit it, I smile. The thought tangle loosens, and there’s some space in there.

Want to try it with a recurring thought? Start small, bring some humor, and I suggest speaking gently to yourself (… notice how your internal voice sounds… if it’s harsh try using something I learned from Sylvia Boorstein: Call yourself Sweetheart. As in: Sweetheart, quit it.)

Drop me a note, and let me know how it goes for you. Meanwhile, I’ll be here quitting it.


  1. alicia says:

    when i think back on this, it seems that the times that i found myself stuck in a swirl of thoughts, and then managed to ‘quit it’ and move forward, those swirly thoughts were all about what other people might think. when i decided to quit worrying about that, i could do whatever needed to be done…my way.

  2. Catie says:

    Quit it!!!

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