Quirky old friend

I’ve posted here before about my neighborhood sangha. There are eight of us who meet monthly for meditation, talk about reading we’re doing together, yummy food, and talk about yummy food. Part of our conversation is about how the sit went and what came up during our meditation.

This last weekend, my partner described the experience of meeting her mind during meditation as a “quirky old friend.” I love this! To me, it evokes the feeling of being with someone very familiar and abiding with their eccentricities. With gentleness, a sense of humor, and acceptance. Our minds, quirky old friends.

Speaking of old…. Walking on Bernal Hill the next day, I passed three girls who were probably in the 8 – 12 age range. The oldest one, clearly the boss of the other two, pointed to a nearby dog with authority. She said, “Okay, that dog is scratching. Why?” The other two guessed: “Ticks!” Maybe…. “Fleas!” …maybe.

Then, my favorite answer: Why is the dog scratching? “I know! I know! Old-ness! Old-ness!!”



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