Practice is the partner of intention

We were walking down the Bear Valley Trail, on the way to Arch Rock, and we were talking about what brings each of us joy. What’s on the joy list? Whatever unfailingly open us up, wake us up, and airs us out. Simply what makes us happy.

Already we were happy, because we were moving our bodies. That was on everyone’s list. Even better, we were outside, among trees and lots of green and blue. Also on our lists. We were singing — in harmony, even — as we hiked. (A little bit Sound of Music-ish, but it really increased both the laughter and joy quotient.) And, most delightful of all, we were with good friends.

Joy list: check, check, check & check!

So then we got into a conversation about one of my favorite topics. How do we remember to make space and time for what brings joy. I’ve written several previous posts about the importance of practices that support remembering, and remembering to practice. (For example, these past posts: “Blogging… again,” “Practice Makes Practice,” and “Practice STILL Makes Practice.”)

That’s when Deb said, “Practice is the partner of intention.” We all gasped — So true! — and immediately wrote it down, so I’d remember to blog about it!

It’s one thing to set an intention, a big step in itself that’s like invoking your power, setting a course, making a vow, or beginning an incantation. Then there’s practice: steady support, living with the intention day in and out.

Practice loves intention, which offers practice its true purpose and shape. In return, practice clarifies, illuminates, and embodies intention. In this way, practice and intention are partners together, along this joyful path of life and yoga.

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