Pop-Up Retreat

On Thursday April 26, Five Rivers Yoga pops up into stillness with a yoga and meditation solo retreat in We Are=Movement‘s ‘Practice Gallery,’ as part of a week-long pop-up event dedicated to how we move.

How it works: Each day the Practice Gallery at 3344 24th Street (Mission & Valencia) will showcase a different Bay Area practitioner. Doors will remain locked, but windows will remain open. Come by and watch for a minute, or watch the entire practice unfold. Five Rivers Yoga is the showcased practitioner on April 26.

What’s the sound of one meditator sitting? Witness the solitude of a personal retreat within the public sangha. My practice day will follow a formal schedule, with meditation and yoga, stillness and movement, and time for rest and creative expression. Stop by to take a look, and participate in this solo retreat through the experience of observation.

Five Rivers Yoga Pop-Up Retreat Schedule* for April 26, 2012

8:00 a   –  Altar creation
8:30      –  Yoga asana
10:30    –  Seated meditation
11:00    –  Walking meditation
11:20    –  Seated Meditation
11:50    –  Walking meditation
Noon    –   Mindful eating
12:30 p  –  Rest, read & respond to comments, creative expression
1:30     –   Meditation
2:00     –   Yoga asana, restorative practice
3:30     –   Closing meditation
4:00     –   End of retreat

*Schedule subject to spontaneous change….

Curious about how to create a meditation and yoga retreat for yourself? Now it’s personal! Five Rivers Yoga has five suggestions to plan your At-Home Meditation Retreat.

Students of Five Rivers Yoga often find it helpful to use audio guides for meditation. Download guided meditations (recorded in my voice). The audio guides are now available for download. Follow Five Rivers Yoga on Twitter for updates.

Visit 3344 24th Street (at Mission), in San Francisco, from April 20-29, for an embodied week of practitioners, workshops and lectures dedicated to how we move our bodies, and how movement affects us, our communities and the choices we make as a society.







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