Pop In to the Pop-Up (Retreat)

Stop by next week, and watch me do nothing. It can be for just a minute, or you may want to linger, sit for a bit, and take a few deep breaths. Perhaps bring a lawn chair, or your meditation cushion for this very private, public non-event.

Next Thursday (April 26), I’ll be publicly meditating. If that sounds a little edgy, I can reassure you that it’s appropriate for all ages. For stretches of time, my movements may be so minute as to be almost invisible. Only the tides of breath will give me away. You won’t hear me make a sound, through the picture windows of the practice gallery.

Then, suddenly! I’ll be up and walking with presence. Back and forth, each step a new beginning and world of sensation. Or practicing yoga asana, some slow and some slower. There may be compelling contrast—a visible still body, the invisible speeding thoughts and sensations, and the urban activity of the bustling Mission corner—during this pop-up retreat.

I’ll start the practice day at 8am by creating an altar. If you have words of encouragement or wisdom that you want to send along to me to include, please send via your comment below! Or come by to view the window display of 3344 24th St, in San Francisco, any time that day between 8 am and 4 pm. Breathe, smile, and slip me some dark chocolate… I mean, mantras and metta, through the mail slot.

We do not know whether today we are busy or idle. I have seemed to myself very indolent at times, when, as it afterward appeared, much was accomplished in me. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)


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  1. alicia says:

    The pop-up retreat is so intriguing! I will find time to stop by and see what is to be seen. And experienced! And thank you so much for the Emerson quote as well. It is now on my wall at work and is helping me as I focus on defining productivity and value.

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