Occupy Awakening

I’m moved by news of the protesters who #occupywallstreet. During a local radio interview last week, one person in SF said he is holding the vision of “mass awakening.” This brought me to tears. Yes, it’s time to wake up! The alarm has been going off for awhile, and we keep hitting snooze….

What will happen if we allow ourselves to feel hopeful rather than cynical about recent events? Let’s give ourĀ hearts and voices to the possibility of mass awakening via a growing, nonviolent and multi-issue movement. This is happening now: Side-by-side, people are meditating and doing yoga, holding signs, chanting and marching for economic justice and human rights. Awareness and awakening for the benefit of all beings. With courage, faith and conviction that a better world is possible.

Today the OWS site lists over 1,400 national and international meet-up locations, including San Francisco and Oakland.

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