Navigating life

Leading with the body. I notice that the last thing “I” want after a day of computer work– why is sitting still and staring at a computer screen so exhausting? — is to do yoga, or go for a walk. Then I think about all the people, including my students, who consistently do this after much longer days than mine. I remember how much more alive I’ll feel if I let my body lead. And I change my shoes, walk up and around Bernal Hill, smile at my neighbors and see the evening light behind Twin Peaks. I arrive home and rest in a supported backbend. I cook a veggie pot-pie for tomorrow.

Navigating life. Lately it’s felt like I’m hanging on to a shaky craft in familiar yet murky waters. There’s little time for navigation, only shifting my weight to avoid the worst of it. I’ve been calling on all the tools that I teach and then some.

Mindful breathing. One of the gifts of teaching yoga and mindfulness is that it requires that I remember to practice. I pause and feel my breath. Let it flow. The in breath and the out breath.


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