My Other Mind Is…

Strolling home today I noticed a bumper sticker: My Other Car is a Pair of Boots. I’m fond of odd bumper stickers on neighbors’ cars, especially this one: Dog is My Co-Pilot. But today, the phrase “a pair of boots” just didn’t work for me. It’s too general and yet too picky. Why “a pair,” and not just “My Other Car is Boots.” Or, how about telling us what kind of boots: Cowboy boots? Work boots? Thigh-high boots? Hiking boots?

At that moment, I noticed how pleasant it was to let my thoughts go along like this as I walked down the street. I was thoroughly enjoying rewriting that bumper sticker. How often do you notice the turning of your mind, however pleasant (or unpleasant or neutral) it may be, and laugh, and let it go? Complete this bumper sticker-ready phrase: My Other Mind Is … Wandering?

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