More Guilty Pleasures

I had a store credit over at Red Hill Books and decided to treat myself to the Fall 2010 issue of Tricycle magazine. Seen it? Apparently there’s a fresher, Winter 2010 issue out on the shelves now, but I’m still making my way through this one.

Articles to check out are Anne Cushman’s Yoga of Creativity (more from me on this soon) and Nancy Baker’s piece on the 5th Zen Precept: the Non-use of Intoxicants.

After my previous post about “guilty pleasures,” picking up an article on the 5th precept made me think again about the ravioli and the computer. What was I doing or avoiding, while eating and internet searching?

What are some of the discomforts we move away from and try to avoid with intoxicants? Being wrong, the fear of being wrong, negative emotions, being alone, being without reference points, being unsure, being afraid, being without approval or mirroring, being bored or restless, being overwhelmed. (Nancy Baker)

The 5th precept. I tend to interpret it for myself as a vow to be kind to my body and spirit, by being aware of the effect of what I ingest.

Nancy Baker stretched my thinking about intoxicants — not just the obvious but also the subtle, everyday, emotional and social states of intoxication and the breadth of what we consume and create. Including such things as “intoxication with how we can be ‘better’ than we are” — now there‘s a tricky hitch on the spiritual path.

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