Lazy on Purpose

For those of you who’ve not yet tried restorative yoga, there’s a lot of lying down involved. Lying down in various shapes, surrounded by blankets and pillows. I mean, bolsters. Lying down for awhile. A class may include a small handful of poses, in which students rest for 15-20 minutes. The long, supported positions encourage the body’s relaxation reflexes and activate the parasympathetic nervous system. That’s what helps us rest, digest, and heal.

This week a student in one of my classes asked me, How is this different from lying down? And I remembered something she herself had said to me a couple weeks ago: She told me that she was setting her resolve to practice yoga regularly. Setting her resolve, creating an intention. So I reminded her, what on some level she already knew, that restorative yoga is lying down with intention.

This week I had a tough time with blog content. I’ve been rushing around a lot, doing more teaching, and going through other schedule changes. The more I thought about it – What I am going to write about? What’s my topic? I drew a big blog blank. Blogger’s block. It wasn’t until I finally slowed down and paused for a long practice of restorative yoga – 75 minutes, 3 poses – that I realized what it’s about this week.

The value of lying down on purpose, allowing space not only for rest but perhaps for clarity and to see what’s right here.

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