It’s Love!

People are basically good. This is kind of an inside joke around our house; we say this whenever we’ve had a particularly hopeful and heart-opening experience.

The other saying we use around here, when that warm-hearted feeling toward people arises: It’s Love! Today was definitely an It’s Love kind of day.

Today was my last day of the MBSR Practicum. It’s been a long ten weeks for me, but now that it’s over the time seems to have passed very quickly. I won’t miss the long and late-night drive to and from Mountain View. But I will miss the people.

I took the training to learn how to teach Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. I did learn that. I also found so much more than I’d imagined: an unexpected sangha, a community of people with a heartfelt dedication to going inward and going outward.

Amazing things happen when people come together over a number of weeks with the intention of practicing mindfulness and opening to our own and eachother’s experiences.

I noticed that outside of El Camino Hospital, where the course has been held, there’s a large sculpture of two clasped hands, entitled, “Hope and Confidence.” It’s how I feel about the group and what I received from it. Thanks, everyone!


  1. Y is for Yogini says:

    Congrats on your last day! It sounds like your experience was positively life-changing. We certainly can't ask for more than that. Powerful. 🙂

  2. Rachel says:

    Thanks for your comment, Y is for Yogini!! Yes, it's been delightful and powerful… to experience the challenge and lovely surprise of connection. 🙂

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