Here for… being here.

What is it that reminds you to make space or take a step back, when things are simply stuck and pushing on them makes them stickier?

What helps me remember, when I’m lucky, is a kind friend who sees it, calls it out, and clears it up. And, truly, these moments when I hit the wall also are where the many hours of practice come in handy… training to allow moments of connecting with spaciousness… that a bit of breathing room lets me remember… let be.

Even so, I often get slammed right up against whatever I was pushing forward, or against. And how many times for this lesson… again?

An invisible resistance pushes back on all that striving. An invisible flow invites releasing. Stopped in my tracks, and nowhere to go but back to touching earth, opening to space, flowing with water. Surrender. Breathe. Space. Suddenly I find myself humming songs that tell about seeds and patience and being kinder to ourselves. I’m doing dishes and breaking eggs and whatever else brings me back to right now. Now I receive the gift of remembering that I’m here for being here.

In breath, out breath
Deep breath, slow breath
Calm breath, ease breath
Smile and release breath
Present moment
Wonderful moment

(Thich Nhat Hanh)



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