Happy River Face

I’m writing this post by the Russian River. Heading back toward the City’s summer fog soon, I’m reveling just a bit longer in the sunshine, the redwoods, the water.

Come and stand in that river, current  gentle and slow. Send your troubles down water, down by that water flow….

Remembering the coolness of the water on skin; the movement of breath and body swimming; the smell of the river water; the glint of sunshine on the surface ripples; the sound of ospreys in a nearby nest. Sending my everyday troubles down water and stepping back into the flow.

When you stand in that river, angels sing in your head. Dreams beyond every worry; dreams beyond every dread….

Although the wind makes surface water look like its flowing upstream, the water underneath is moving with a steady current toward the ocean. I can feel the current speed up where the river narrows and gets shallower. Then in dark water, right out in the middle of it, I notice a feeling of deep joy, my wide grin and happy river face! Aware of being here, in the space of the world. In the river of life.

Tell me sister, tell me brother: Where does that water flow? It flows down to the great water. Down on that water flow….

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