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Welcome to my yoga blog, which I’m calling Grow Yoga, devoted to keeping in touch with friends, neighbors, students, and those who are all of the above, as I continue to grow in my practice of studying and teaching yoga.

Keep a look-out for the current, October ’08 issue of Yoga Journal, with an article called “Peace of Mind.” It includes a quotation from me about my feet encountering the yoga mat. I’ll link to the article if becomes available online.

The article is about the Mindfulness Yoga and Meditation Training Program at Spirit Rock. In June, I completed the second of a trio of silent retreats as part of this 18-month experiential program, which is designed to blend history, philosophy, and techniques of yoga and mindfulness and insight meditation (vipassana) for teachers and experienced practitioners.

In July and August, I completed two trainings to become certified as an Advanced Relax & Renew® restorative yoga teacher. The training is with master teacher Judith Hanson Lasater, who has been teaching yoga for over 35 years. If you like comfy blankets, pillows, and doing nothing, this is the yoga practice for you. Seriously, there are many benefits of restorative yoga for relaxation and countering stress, anxiety, insomnia, and other conditions related to our hectic lives.

Now that fall is here, I’m starting the 2008 Yoga Teacher Training program (from here on to be called: TT ’08) at The Yoga Loft. If you have trouble finding me on a Saturday between now and February, this is where I’ll be doing my asana, pranayama, and meditation. It’s been a long time coming, but I’m finally going to complete a 200-hour certification, which will give me more flexibility in teaching venues.

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