Gratitude to all the yoga teachers

While on retreat last month, I felt deep appreciation for the many yoga teachers with whom I’ve studied during the past decade. Their ways of teaching have woven into what I teach.

Many teachers I’ve studied with more formally and in depth. You’ll recognize some of their names, and their teaching has influenced me most profoundly. You may want to visit their websites which are listed in the sidebar here.

And I also was thinking about others, perhaps not as well-known except for locally, who were regular weekly teachers for awhile or taught me briefly and with great impact.

Like Kelly Blaser, who made time for a morning meditation during a yoga vacation in 2003 which sparked a daily sitting practice that I’ve continued and deepened ever since. A thread of practice connects that vacation with the vipassana retreat last month and the Mindful Breathing I’ll be teaching at UCSF’s Osher Center. Or Kent Bond who encouraged me to pursue my passion for yoga, and showed me how to sit in Siddhasana (adept’s pose). And of course, there are many past teachers of Bernal Yoga, including owner Savonn Wyland (now in Portland), my friend Britt Fohrman (who first got me seriously hooked on restorative yoga), and Katie Lewis (who is doing teacher training at Seventh Heaven in Berkeley), among others….

I hear your words in my words as I teach, and I enact your teaching in my body when I practice. Namaste. Much gratitude to all the teachers.

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