Go toward kindness

I received many gifts today: Reminders to turn away from impulse and reactivity, and toward clear intention. As Rumi says in New Blossoms, “Instead of that airy commotion live in the water that gently cools as it flows.” Yet it can be difficult, for all of us at times, to see through the airy commotion -the gusts of thoughts, fears and fantasy- and know the flow of what is.

This is a challenge for me, as I am easily fired up by the winds of possibility or threat. As a yogini, I find the cooling flow in returning to my body, my breath, my being. I notice: Am I eating, sleeping, fully breathing, practicing? Can I feel my feet, my belly, my heart? Am I confused, speaking too quickly for mindfulness, is my head spinning? Do I feel grounded (earthy) or lightheaded (windy)?

Then, it’s about trusting what’s right here in front of me. What I know to be true, even as simple as inhabiting my breath in this moment. Remembering what helps me find earth again: meditation, restorative yoga, silence, being with nature. Pausing long enough to recall intentions: letting go, good will, and harmlessness. Or, as Rumi advises, to “Go toward kindness.”

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