Go on Retreat

Last week found me in an isolated area of Northern California, with 30 yogis who were completing a training process of many years, in preparation to teach Mindful Yoga.

The chance to live— even for a day, weekend, or a week— in an isolated, natural setting is so essential for us city dwellers. The trees, the air, the creek, the creatures… the long, wonder-filled walks in the lovely woods are more than enough to keep me going for awhile. The woods!

It is a gift and privilege to practice yoga and meditation each day and to study together. The container of a retreat or training like this one provides innumerable moments for learning. Not just in the formal sessions but also in all the actions and conversations and moments of continuous practice. The insights!

Then there’s the connective tissue of community, the friends who are dedicated to practice. Even more, I’m so aware that this group represents larger, concentric circles that include many yogis we trained with at Spirit Rock who weren’t able to attend, and the web of practitioners, students, and friends with whom we teach, study, live, and work in our home towns. The community!

What jewels in practice. If you’ve never been away on retreat, silent or otherwise, I urge you to open a new browser window now and sign yourself up. There are a number of retreat centers I would recommend, if you want to email me for my opinions. If you’re fortunate (and you are likely to be fortunate) there will be woods, insights, and community.


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