Give It Some Time

I woke up this morning feeling really great, for the first time in about a week. And I think it’s related to getting back into the swing of my regular yoga schedule. Accumulated yoga merits from dedicated practice.

Tony’s class yesterday: After a couple of hours, focusing on the head of the humerus in downward dog and headstand, I felt engaged. My emotional energy had shifted, my attention was sharper, and my shoulders were lively. A quick integration and change.

What I feel today is not only the new awareness in my shoulders and neck but also a lightness of spirit that wasn’t here before. That also comes from the effects of the practice… but 24 hours later.

So often, we expect instant results from events that take hours, days, or years to bring change. Decades, even. I’ve been studying yoga just over ten years now, a decade – a very short time, really – and the benefits I received from yesterday’s class would not arrive in the same way without all that time, hours of study and practice.

Another reason I might be in a good mood is that Passover started last night, with the full moon. I ate and sang and did the seder rituals with friends. The Telling, as always, is of our transformation from slavery into freedom.

A key part of the story is the reminder that the process of liberation only starts with freedom from enslavement. As it goes, it took another 40 years of wandering in the desert for a revolution in consciousness: “Every time there was a crisis, we forgot the bitterness of slavery and remembered only the security.” So liberation is a process of generations.

And we are wandering still. Forty years, or forty generations. We learn, and we unlearn. All of us, we still are not free until all are free.

Give it some time. What one of my teachers used to call “impatient patience” for change. There’s this hope and this lightness of spirit, which arrive when we reengage our awareness and aspirations toward transformation, which come from making time for community, ritual, and practice.


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