Five+ Reasons Mindfulness Matters

What’s the point of all this practice? Why does Mindfulness matter?

Pause and feel your seat and your feet connected to the earth. Feel the breath moving in your body. As you read these words, notice yourself reading them. How the eyes feel. What happens in your mind as you read, the thoughts or the silent echoes of the words. Breathing. Pay attention. Right now. With your whole self.

Rest into the body and that layer of awareness — so that whatever is happening right now, you really know what’s happening. And you know not only what you know, but that you know. Expand your awareness to notice the space around you, the people around you.

The opposite of Mindfulness? Driving to the market on automatic pilot and not remembering how you got there…. So, what’s so great about Mindfulness?

1. We grow our ability to distinguish what’s actually happening from the habits of replaying the past or anticipating the future. This reduces stress and brings greater ease, even with difficult moments.

2. Paying attention connects us with other people. All too often, we’re distracted by our to-do list, our gadgets, our story. Notice, and arrive here together now. This is the foundation of empathy, joy, compassion, and genuine relationships.

3. Moment-to-moment awareness supports us in clear, ethical decisions and conscious behavior. The motivation and method come from remembering our interconnectedness.

4. Paying attention connects us with ourselves, and can support well-being, healing and living more fully in our bodies in all the activities of daily life.

5. Creativity. There is space for possibility, when we pay attention. Not only do you know exactly how you got to the market (and why)… maybe you stopped for a walk in a park along the way that you never even noticed before….

All this adds up to: Freedom. Freedom. Freedom.



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