Everyday Mindfulness

I’m teaching an Intro to Mindfulness mini-series at Bernal Yoga — after introducing formal meditation practice last week, this week’s class will focus on everyday mindfulness. Ways to pay more attention right now. Remembering to remember, amidst the ringing phones and pinging emails and simmering traffic.

I laughed to see this week’s Bernalwood blog, which highlights mindfulness in action. This is a great example. I’m well familiar with — and enjoy! the mindful driving required to navigate the narrow streets of SF’s Bernal Heights neighborhood. The blog title suggests: “Drive. Slow down. Wave. Yield.” Seems to me like a great philosophy in general: slow down, wave, yield….

How can we remember to do this? Thich Nhat Hanh suggests: You can use any sound to remind you to pause, breathe in and out, and enjoy the present moment. The buzzer that goes off when you forget to fasten the seat belt in your car is a bell of mindfulness. Even non-sounds, such as the rays of sunlight coming through the window, are bells of mindfulness that can remind us to return to ourselves, breathe, smile, and live fully in the present moment.

What is something that you do, see, or hear every day that can serve as a reminder for you to pause, breathe… slow down, wave, and yield?


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