Embodied life

That last post of mine was so pitiful, even I took notice! So this morning I got up and got myself to a yoga class. Two classes, actually. My body was singing, it felt so good to be moving. All the sticky places unsticking and the dry places sweating. Breath flowing. Back in the body. Thank you to TJ Burleigh (Core Strength and Stability) and Katy Fox (Yoga Basics) for the teaching they offered in their classes this morning. A deep bow and a happy skip down the street — to you both.

I skipped along home and into the garden, where I was greeted by a bumble bee and a hummingbird and a scrub jay right away. Roses blooming, weeds growing. Sunshiny days-off in the backyard are the best in a glad-to-be-alive kind of way! Back in the body; back on the earth. Clearing the weeds away from around the Garden Buddha, I see the tiny blue stones I scattered last season then forgot.


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