Core Strength, Yoga and Toronto

I’ve been remiss in my dedicated blogging practice. But wait, it’s for a good reason! International travel!

Earlier this month, I went to Toronto for the first time. I went for a training, with Robin Rothenberg, on teaching yoga for low back pain related to hypo-mobility and muscular tension, sciatica, pelvic misalignment, sacroiliac joint instability and hypermobility, lumbar disc issues, scoliosis, and in general having a weak or unstable core. How often do we hear or use “core” in yoga without really know what it refers to anatomically? I have the hunch that I’ll be saying more about that in future posts!

Have you been to Toronto? For now, let me say that Toronto is lovely, diverse, and yummy for the belly. I loved the neighborhood yoga studio, Lila Yoga, which opened 8 months ago in Roncesvalles. And my low back feels really good even with the many hours of air travel.

I find it’s a good practice to do something new now and then, to go somewhere new (it doesn’t have to be as far away as another country), and to feel into the core of our lives toward what stays steady within us regardless of where we are. Noticing what qualities of inner strength and resilience allow flexibility and receptivity to new experience, as it’s happening. Welcome home!

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