Clown Car Meditation

“There’s an amazing amount of stuff in there!” she exclaimed. She was talking about her mind, and everyone who’d been sitting together shared companionable laughter. We, too, are amazed by the fullness and surprises of the mind. The ways that memories, images, and ideas crowd in and captivate us.

When she said this, about mind stuff, what popped into my mind was the image of a very small clown car. With the thoughts climbing out of there… more, and more, tumbling over each other… and how can so many thoughts fit in there?!

Meditation makes the mind space bigger. Is that it? Even if the vehicle is crowded at first, we suddenly notice how much room there is to wander around. Or perhaps, as we notice each of them, the clowning thoughts stretch out and wave farewell, leaving more space inside and out.

Rather than getting stuck—jammed in there with all those pranksters!—we suddenly become like the circus photographer, with a wide-angle lens that holds the background as well as the foreground in perspective.


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