Breathe, you are here.

Posted above my desk is a copy of a calligraphy by Thich Nhat Hanh that says, “Breathe you are online.” I notice it, and smile and breathe.

Last week, I taught two classes about everyday mindfulness: How we can wake up with the actions, sights, and sounds of daily life and in this moment. The students brainstormed lists of things they do, see, and hear each day that can become bells of mindfulness. Then they chose one to practice with during the week. Whenever this event occurs, they pause. They feel the body and the breath. They notice how and where they are. They proceed.

The sound of the phone ringing? The email pinging? Picking up a fork? Turning the car key? The stop sign on your corner? It could be anything that occurs regularly in your daily life. Choose one. Pause. Breathe. Notice. Proceed. Breathe, you are here.


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