Blogging… again!

Like yoga, writing a blog seems to require dedicated practice. At least for me, since I’m generally loathe to post as casually as would appear usual, even in forums designed for that purpose. For me, blogging is shaped by the intention to capture experience and insights in writing, with the regular habit of sitting down and translating thoughts into words. It’s a practice supported by remembering the community or sangha of readers and other writers.

These past months, maintaining the discipline of blogging clearly has not been high on my priority list. As so often happens, the inspiration of a friend’s example has gotten me back on track. Thank you, Karen! But it’s interesting to note — in shaping a new habit — what supports the practice (for blogging: intention, community, time, tech know-how) and what contributes to resistance (for blogging: self-doubt, association of computers with work).

For yoga, what supports a dedicated practice?
For me, it all comes down to remembering, remembering, remembering. First of all, remembering the benefits of the practice. That I am more present and well in my life when I’m setting aside time to practice, even if practice is just that: setting time aside. Second, remembering the community of support — that even if I’m having resistance to practicing on my own, I can go to class or call a friend to practice or sit together. And, ultimately, remembering what it’s all for: liberation, awareness.

Which leads me to another question: What supports remembering?
In the months since I finished the Mindfulness Yoga and Meditation Training program at Spirit Rock, I’ve been wearing a red thread on my wrist with three knots in it. A similar thread was ritually given to every graduate of that program. The three knots represent: buddha, dharma, sangha. For me, the thread is most of all a reminder: to get on the mat or the cushion, that I’m not alone, to pause and breathe, that we are part of a much greater whole….

What helps you remember?

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