Back to the Basics

Set the timer; sit on the cushion. Feel the body. Find the breath. Breathe in, know breathing in; breathe out, know breathing out. Such space, such a relief….

Breathing is so great. It’s so good to just sit here with nothing else that needs to happen. And what about writing a blog post about breathing? The simplicity of meditation on the breath-body. It needs a great title, hmm, a great title… “Back to the Basics,” and I could write not only about the power of simplicity in meditation but also the value of returning to the basics in yoga asana… and last week I went to that yoga basics class and even doing the simplest version of the poses was great, and I could write about that…

Ah, planning, selfing, blogging. Back to the inhale; back to the exhale.
Inhale. Exhale. Exhale. Exhale….

And how about that practice of organizing the sitting position from the third toe. I really can feel my hip bones aligning in the pelvis and the entire center of my pose shifting when I do that. I wish I could remember which finger corresponds to which part of the scapulae. Amazing how the subtleties of the pose can hold so much… Am I using micro-movements to keep my mind busy?

Attention to the breath. Resting in the breath.


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