Warning: This post reveals my JewBu leanings, with a little Judaism, Buddhism, Yoga, and Ayurveda all mixed up together in a way that may horrify traditionalists of any and all of these practices.

With Rosh Hashanah, The Jewish New Year 5769, the fall months are here! Have you noticed the new moon is particularly dark this week and that the light is beginning to fade earlier in the evenings? These months bring a confusion of warmth and wind, with sunny October days and foggy evenings.

From yin yoga teacher Dina Amsterdam:
“This time of year, the Fall….or in yogic terms – Vata Season is a time of wind within us. That means increased levels of anxiety and colds and sleeplessness are likely to arise… yet at the same time it is a season ripe for inner exploration, spirituality and creativity. What our systems need when they are windy is for us to bring ourselves inward, be still, be kind. And then the windiness becomes a portal into a free-flowing awakening within ourselves. This is the perfect season to do a retreat, to slow down in your practice, to meditate.”

And check out this ayurvedic blog for more advice on the season and soup recipes….


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