Yoga Rhythms

It does my inner perfectionist much good to dive headfirst into something creative.

When I started really asking questions about my vocation, I reveled in trying new (to me) activities. I loved doing things I could be bad at. Yoga was among them. So was letterpress printing, trance dance, jamming (as in strawberry) collage, bowling…. (see my past post from March ’09!) Amazingly enough, I got good at doing new things. And generally, I have a great time.

And now, my bruised fingers give me away. At it again. This time, I’m taking lessons to play the clave and the cajón (obviously, playing it a little too hard at first…). Percussion!

Yoga-music analogy of the week: Tadasana is like the clave of yoga, and in yoga the breath is like the wood that the clave is made from. Now go and ponder.

Just two lessons in, I’m convinced that music is yoga. Aside from the obvious: playing an instrument fully involves the body (and percussion means each of the limbs may be keeping a different rhythm… something I should have thought about more before signing on…). The level of concentration required means that when you’re in it all else falls away; if you’re not concentrated, then you fall out of rhythm. And in terms of mindfulness practice, over and over I notice how much I want to get it “right.” Not sure why I put that in quotes, because there’s definitely a right clave son and a wrong one. Letting go….

What next, maybe a cajón and yoga workshop in the fall?


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