Arrive in your life.
Nourish your spirit.
Enliven your body.

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By teaching you how to tend to your own nourishment and renewal, Five Rivers Yoga offers you support for navigating life changes, enhancing healing, addressing chronic pain, and easing stress.

Because thoughts and emotions impact our well-being, and the condition of the body affects how we feel, you will learn to attend to the mind and attune to the body.

Personalized Yoga Therapy allows breathing room for what’s going on in your life and how this is expressed in your body.

Through an integrative approach, we combine practices that serve your process of discovery and healing with movement, breathing practices, mindfulness meditation, reflection and creative expression, and emotional support.

Five Rivers Yoga will remind you how to go slowly and listen deeply, through instruction in relaxation and awareness practices.

“I was always intimidated about trying yoga but Rachel has made it a fun, challenging, and gratifying experience. Her dedication, years of training and practice and ability to tailor sessions to the client make her a wonderful teacher.”

“No matter how I arrive, I always leave feeling relaxed, loved, and inevitably happier. Rachel brings incredible attention to detail, insight, and compassion to our classes.”

“Rachel is a gifted and dedicated teacher who creates a warm and inviting class environment. Moreover, unlike many other yoga classes I’ve attended, Rachel gives personal and detailed attention to each student, helping deepen one’s connection to the pose and its intention.”

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